03/10/2014 :: Molestfest : 8 November 2014

25/11/2009 :: Nog eenmaal...

Na een bestaan van 14 en een half jaar trok The Embodiment afgelopen april onverwacht de stekker uit de band. Juist door dit abrupte einde bleven de leden met een onbevredigd gevoel zitten. Ook voor veel fans, vrienden en bekenden om de band heen kwam dit einde te onverwacht. Hierdoor ontstond bij de bandleden de gedachte om de samenwerking een verdiend einde te geven. En dus komt The Embodiment nog één keer bij elkaar om de band het afscheid te geven dat het verdient, en die in hun ogen de jarenlange fans en andere volgers van de band ook verdienen.

Het leven van The Embodiment is met name in de regio niet onopgemerkt voorbij gegaan. Er werden 2 ep's (All Because of Lust, 1998 en Razor Cut Reality, 2002) uitgebracht die leidden tot de nodige optredens. Zij speelden in grotere en kleinere zalen en op festivals door heel Nederland, met sporadische uitstapjes naar België, Duitsland, Spanje, Metalcamp in Slovenië en zelfs de U.K. In 2003 werd ook nog de gelegenheid gevonden om de landelijke Metal Battle te winnen. Ook dit zorgde voor de nodige aandacht en nog meer optredens voor de band. Uiteindelijk leidde dit tot misschien wel het hoogtepunt voor The Embodiment: het uitbrengen van de full length cd Legeon in 2006 en het daarmee gepaard gaande release feest. Embodifest was op 7 oktober 2006 een groot succes in een uitverkocht Estrado.

Dit alles heeft echter niet kunnen voorkomen dat na bijna 15 jaar de koek op was. Gelukkig krijgen we nu nog één keer de gelegenheid om te horen en te zien waar The Embodiment al die jaren voor gestaan heeft. Op 24 december komen de mannen voor het laatst bij elkaar om gezamenlijk afscheid te nemen van hun publiek met The Embodiment way of making music!

Deze avond zal ook de laatste gelegenheid zijn om The Embodiment merchandise te verkrijgen. Alle cd's, shirts, girlies, noem maar op zullen in de uitverkoop gaan, dus grijp nu je kans. Om dit nog eens extra aantrekkelijk te maken heeft The Embodiment besloten om de opbrengst hiervan te schenken aan een (lokaal) goed doel. Zij willen graag de actie "kanker verziekt je taal" ondersteunen: Richelle Laurijsen 11-12-1992 - 21-11-2009 †

24 December
Rockcafe De Kelder (voormalige 't Koetje / Koningskelder)
Vijhestraat 1
3841 CW Harderwijk (NL)

01/05/2009 :: The curtain has fallen...

After almost 15 years of growing from nothing to what we are now, we decided yesterday that we are going to pull the plug on The Embodiment. Due to personal and musical changes, we are currently not able to continue with what we do. Maybe in the future we might meet again in some other possible way. Thanks to everyone who supported us in the past and now. We won't forget you.

15/03/2009 :: Gigs and media

We have some new gigs we would like to share with you. As you can see, we are going to cross the borders again. Thanx to the guys from Herfst and to the Radio Paranoia Web-radio station, we can play Belgium and Germany:

12-06-2009 :: café Pand Demonium, Antwerpen (BE)
With Herfst & Asphyxiate
11-07-2009 :: Rock On Fire! Open Air, Tipsy Apes, Hamburg (DE)

Back to the weekend of the 8th, we played on the MAC festival (Music Against Cancer). It was a great party, and I hope the got allot of funds for the foundation. Fortunately, Metalshots was also in the house and made some impressive photos again. Check them here:

But, thats not all. Erhan Düzey made some great video recordings. You might have heard his name before at the Geldersch Metal Treffen. You should keep an eye on his YouTube channel for some great live footage:

01/03/2009 :: MAC Festival


Zaterdag 7 maart 2009 MUSIC AGAINST CANCER 2009
Hedon Zwolle - prijs €12,50
Kom ook en steun KWF Kankerbestrijding

03/02/2009 :: To Hell Fest pt. 5

Finally, our first news update for this year. I hope everyone survived the brain damage of the new years eve beers. I can assure you, that I'm still recovering from it. But life goes on, and so is our agenda. The 28th of February, we'll be playing the 'To Hell Fest part 5' in OJC Maddog, Groesbeek (NL). Unfortunately we had to cancel the part 4 show because of injuries, but now we're gonna make up for it. Next to us the following bands will be on the bill: Blackdust Storm, Impalement, Persistence, Sepiroth & Vermin. Many thanx again to the guys from Victimizer.

Tonight Martijn will be interviewed in and co-hosting a web-radio show tonight. You can check it between 20:00 and 22:00 on Radio Paranoid. So fetch your German dictionaries and some beer and have fun!


A few months ago we were asked to join a crossover evening to mix hip-hop/rap with metal. Unfortunately the evening is been postponed and might be moved to the second part of 2009. So we'll get back to you on that some other time.

The last 2 gigs have been awesome to play. Great venue's, good organization and great audience! Thanks a lot again. There are some video's of the Geldersch Metal Treffen on-line. Check the links down here:


19/12/2008 :: Geldersch Metal Treffen

This weekend we will be playing the Geldersch Metal Treffen Festival in Oud-Zevenaar (NL). With a total of 10 bands (all from Gelderland) we are very pleased to be part of this line-up. Next to headliners Hail of Bullets and The Lucifer Principle, Mondvolland, Impalement, Scar7, Myrkvar, Mortal Form, Victimizer, Thronar will be performing. And with an entrance fee of only €15,- this is festival is surely a must-go-too!

Since a few weeks we have a Hyves page: Thanx to Yorick and Chris we have some more ways to spam the world. Check it out and leave us a message


26/07/2008 :: Beer, beer and more beer

While the effect of the beer is slowly going away, it's the weather to fire up the bbq again and pop open a new beer. While most people are enjoying their holidays, we are working our asses off creating new material. Really! Well, between the beer drinking and doing nothing. We also found some time to do another gig. On the 26th of September, we are invited to play the dB studios in Utrecht again to perform with newcomers Grindpad and Deathmetallers Victimizer. We also got another review back, from Many thank you's to Bas, for his very complimentairy review.

08/07/2008 :: Flyer To Hell Fest

This week we received the flyer for the To Hell Fest gig on the 20th of September


20/05/2008 :: Since the departure...

It has been a bit quiet from our side. Since the departure of EJ, we had some rough times. Although we had got allot of support email etc, the future of The Embodiment was uncertain... Haha, just kidding. Actually, we have good news. Last week, we finally got our line-up officially complete again. Welcome Sander Elbers as our newest member. In the past he all-ready did some gigs with us, as a stand in for EJ. We know him for a reasonable time and we are certain we can get along for at least double that time.


More updates: we are going to play the Springstof Festival in Kampen on the 23th of August as a replacement for Toxacara, who can't make it. The headliner will be Inhume! But first we'll be playing Artishock in Soest next friday the 30th. With the excellent bands Aggro and Tractor, so be sure to come over and party with us.