In November 1994 the basis of The Embodiment was formed. 3 Friends from Harderwijk (NL), went accidentally into a rehearsalroom and never left it again. They slowly started to learn themselves The Embodiment way of making music.

Through the years some bandmembers changed but the basis stayed the same. The band slowly developed further and further and played more and more gigs. In 1998 they released their first demo "All Because Of Lust...", which was followed by the "Razor Cut Reality" demo in 2002. A year later they became the glorious winner of the Dutch MetalBattle 2003. This resulted into gaining a lot of extra recognition amongst the underground public and into numerous new gigs. Even some outside the Netherlands.

These days, The Embodiment isn't anything like the day they started. Blast beats, high speed guitar riffs, up tempo drumbeats and melodic passages are very common in their songs. The lyrics are pointing out some strange behavior of the human mind. Reality is, although different from some points of view, a subject much spoken of. On stage, you can taste the adrenaline and it will be hard to not react on the beat and melody.

October 7th 2006, the band independently released their new CD called "Legeon". It's the first big release of the band. Legeon is a synonym for individuality, and making choices. The recording of Legeon was mainly done by the band itself. It was a hard but good experience. The eventual mixing has been done by Arno Krabman, already known for the recording of "Razor Cut Reality". The CD contains 8 tracks, with 6 new songs, that define the direction The Embodiment is going to. Fast, aggressive and melodic thrash/death metal with a touch of The Embodiment!

Legeon brought allot of positive criticism from the media and the review average around the 7.5 points. Allot of gigs were played which even let the band to the Metalcamp (Slovenie) festival and to Nottingham (UK) to play in the well-known venue Rockcity. Although all seemed well, Erik-Jan left the band in February 2008 to focus on other opportunities in life. During that time a replacement guitarist filled the spot and in May he, Sander Elbers, officially joined The Embodiment to complete the line-up again.

After almost 15 years of The Embodiment, the band decided to let the curtain fall. Due to personal and musical changes, they weren't able to to continue. The future will tell, if they might meet again in some other possible way.

Latest line-up:
Martijn v. Gene - Drums
Danny v. Helden - Bass, Backing vocals
Peter Hagen - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Sander Elbers - Guitar

Former member:
Erik-Jan Brinker - Guitar & backing vocals