All Because Of Lust... - 1998
1. 45 Years
2. Suicidal Thoughts
3. The Holy Way
4. Shattered Soul
5. My Own Misery

All because of lust was recorded in 1998, in the recording studio of Vincent Dijkers in Utrecht. All material is owned by The Embodiment, but free to copy and distribute, as long as the owner The Embodiment is mentioned.

1. 45 Years

One man, born long ago, bonded, for his life. Revealed, by the creature, of his own, flesh and blood. Abused, and to perish, victim, of lust. Suppressed, and ashamed, to speak, what can't be spoken.

As the mother remembers. What's hidden in her mind. She doesn't want to face again, a replay of the past. As the child speaks, tears roll down, telling her story. She embodies her pain and suffering. Let for 10 long years.

manifesting your selfishness, let by perversity. Youth is being torn apart. Threatened and deceived. Enslaved by sick fantasy, you live your life in secrecy. Even in the future, the agony is still there... All because of lust...

45 years, crashed down on her while the past is revealed. Her own subconscious, throw's up what she has been living through. As the child, enters the room overhearing what, is spoken and said. She breaks down, and speaks, like she never, spoke before.

All because of lust...

What she always feared, but never could find, has became reality. And 45 years....all becomes a lie...

2. Suicidal Thoughts

Look at me into these eyes. Evil is burning, no fear to die. There are these demons dancing in my head. Screaming for suicide, screaming for death. You cannot help me, don't ask me why, I am lost now and ready to die.

Your suicidal thoughts, an egoistic daydream. Only thinking about the afterlife, regardless the pain and sorrow of the left behind. You defamed your friends with your own death. I despise this loss by self-destruction.

Talking to me makes no sense. Your words just flush down my gullet. You ask me to open my darkest domain. To stitch that cut soul of mine. I just can't embody my feelings, nor my thoughts. It's all in my head, I'm a suicidal pig.

I closed my eyes, and looked into my soul. There is not a thing that I can control. The only thing, that I will see. Is the fool, who lives inside of me. If your life is empty and black. Don't be like me, don't do that suicidal crap.


Why leave the easy way. Try to work, learn to pray. Maybe it would do any good, your fucked up brain, your bad attitude. You're starting to lose it, going insane. Now I shout, cure your pain...

3. The Holy way

On a hill, forgotten by civilisation. A boy is born and with him the abomination. Growing up in his world of terror and deceit.
He learns the Calvinistic education. By sticks an stones indeed. Sticks and whips do the penance, said his father, the sacred man, zipping on his booze. As the whip comes down again; the years passed by; and the old geezer's power has been drained. The boy's beast is being released and so a journey of sick rage...

Two, two inside one, the madness has begun. Aaggression locked within, a Satan's work will begin... One, One with a knife, stripping away life. His pleasure will oblige, but tears of sadness will arise...

At dawn... at the beginning of a new day. A man stands on the hill as rain falls out of the sky, thinking his life over before it's time to die. Thinking of all the horror and fear he has met along the way. Repenting his crime as life slowly drips away. This day he will see, that life counts no eternity. Standing before the gates as judgement day awaits...

5. My Own Misery

Early morning, normal day. I have to go, I can't stay. But I hate to go to that fucking school. I got bad results, I feel like a fool. They think it's fun, to treat me bad. They are laughing, I get mad. So i go home, and grab a knife. To stop the jokes, to end my life.

Why do you think I hate myself. Not 'cause everybody likes me. Don't feel sorrow, 'cause you don't mind. This is my own misery

I hate the attention that they give. I have to die, I can't live... I must die... I can't live.

Now they're sorry for what they've done. They were laughing I am gone. It's their reaction about my look. It's my joy of life that they took. Dead and burried I look at the past. I'm finally happy, I'm free at last. So don't you come to judge about me, and don't you tell me how to be. This is my own misery...